Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your masks safer?

Current research shows that the following attributes make handmade cloth masks nearly as effective at filtering particles as an N95 medical grade mask:

* Tightly woven cotton- 2 layers

* Secure fit- no gaps

* An added filter (non-woven polypropylene)

* Silk filter that traps nanoparticles via electrostatic charge    

What size mask should I order?

Children's sizes are labeled by age. Teens and *most* women should fit an Adult Small, *most * men should fit a Medium- if you have a big head, order a Large- use your discretion to size up or down.

Why are adult & children's masks made of different materials?

Woven cotton is shown to block more particles, but small children may not be able to breathe efficiently enough through that fabric, as it is a tighter weave. Cotton knits (like T-shirt fabric) are more breathable, but slightly less effective at blocking particles.

What if I want my Adult Mask made from a knit, or my child's mask made from woven cotton?

You're the boss- you can have it made from whichever you like- except for Toddler size- those will be made from knits only.

What does the nose wire do?

The wire at the bridge of the nose helps keep the mask closer to your face so no droplets sneak in from above. May also help prevent glasses from fogging.

What is the filter made from?

The filter is made of non-woven polypropylene. This is the same type of fabric that N95 masks are made from.